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1341 Companies
Licensed manufacturing sites of companies in the UK covering clinical, commercial or IMP products. Importer, wholsalers and distributors are excluded
194 Manufacturing sites
University research activity relevant to medicines manufacturing
75 Academic capabilities
Organisations interfacing with the medicines sector across a range of topics, includes Public and Private Sector bodies
27 Sector organisations
Societies, Associations and networks with activity of relevance for medicines manufacturing
39 Underpinning organisations
Innovate UK funded centres to support late-stage innovation through access to expert technical capabilities, equipment and resources
6 Catapults
Physical facilities from a range of funders that provide services and support to the sector
21 National Capabilities
Organisations and Initiatives providing relevant research funding opportunities
17 Funding sources

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Further information

About the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership
The Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) was established during 2014 to bring the UK’s medicines manufacturing industry together to create an attractive and innovation-rich environment to drive UK competitiveness, and build international recognition, in medicines manufacturing. The MMIP is supported by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the BioIndustry Association (BIA), alongside the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), and includes senior leadership from GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Actavis Biologics, Eisai, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and ReNeuron. The UK’s medicines industry is one of our leading manufacturing sectors, with exports worth £24bn and generating a trade surplus of £5bn in 2013. MMIP wants to ensure that the UK continues to be an attractive place for this high- value industry.
About the Knowledge Transfer Network
Established by Innovate UK to build better links between science, creativity and business, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has specialist teams covering all significant sectors of the economy, from health, defence and aerospace to the creative industries, the built environment to biotechnology and robotics. Our expertise in connecting sectors, disciplines and skills with the right collaborations and business approach is what helps unlock the tremendous hidden value in people and companies. In the last five years, KTN has helped thousands of businesses secure funding to drive innovation. And we support them throughout their business cycle to see that investment through to success.
About the KTN’s Medicines Manufacturing Landscape Tool
This tool aims to provide a visual dynamic representation of the UK Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Landscape. It is intended as a user friendly interface that presents a de-cluttered view of the UK opportunities to access support to drive manufacturing innovation and is available as a resource to all within and external to the UK The KTN has assimilated data through the lens of MMIP requirements, focusing on medicines of all types with respect to manufacturing in terms of medicines developers, manufacturers and broader supply chain to give an understanding of the company landscape in the UK. The data set also includes an analysis of the other capabilities and supporting organisations from academic expertise to Catapults Centres to Government bodies, Trade Associations and Learned Societies. The tool allows the user to see at top level a snapshot of this landscape and then explore under different categories and subheadings in terms of type of activity, location and signposting to the relevant website. The KTN referred to the BIS-held annually collected and now publically available dataset that underpins the Life Sciences Strength and Opportunity Report. However currently this only houses company information, not the other capabilities in the broader landscape. Additionally, for the purposes of this analysis it was important to give an in-depth analysis of the medicines manufacturing landscape and so the KTN performed some additional analysis.